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Tuesday – August 7, 2018

‘Code of Conduct from a Muslim Perspective’

by Syed Ghazaly Syed Agil, President,

Islamic Interfaith and Multicultural Association of Toowoomba Inc.

‘Code of Conduct from a Quaker Perspective’

by Taisoo Kim Watson, Clerk, Queensland Quakers

Sunday - July 12, 2015

Interview with Reverend Natalie Adams: 5 songs

Festival: Eid by Kamariah Mohd

Sunday - June 21, 2015

A conversation on interfaith relation

with Reverend Jed Perkins, Reverend Dorothy Woodside and Muhammed Haniff

Reverend Jed Perkins represent the Unitarian,

Reverend Dorothy Woodside represent the Spiritualist,

and Muhammed Haniff represent the Muslims