Everyone Matters – Toowoomba, a Model City of Peace and Harmony

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The Goodwill Committee of Toowoomba was launched in 2012 in a peace Conference in Bangkok. The aims of the Committee:

1. To strengthen social cohesion and promote greater trust through appreciation of beliefs across multicultural communities.

2. To facilitate and/or promote multicultural programs targeted at leaders and their communities.

3. Network with organisations and agencies in the Toowoomba region and surrounds in programs related to interfaith and multicultural activities.

4. Promote social cohesion and solidarity in times of community tensions and conflicts.

Community Tea Gathering

Community Tea Gathering

Community Tea Gathering

Goodwill Committee

Walk As One

Community Leadership Seminar

Friendship Dinner

Christmas Party

Chinese New Year

Australia Day

Carnival Floral Parade

Australia Day

Chinese New Year

Australia Day

Effective Presentation Workshop

Community Dialogue

Social & Moral

Peace Education Forum

Community Interfaith Dialogue

National Interfaith Workshop

Religious & Cultural Diversity