Everyone Matters – Toowoomba, a Model City of Peace and Harmony

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You want success in your life? It’s easy; work hard and be humble.

In Wenzi, which was compiled in TGPOAC, we learn that success comes from modesty and failure comes from being arrogant.

The ancient sages explain that the laws of heaven take from the arrogant and benefit the humble, the laws of spirits bring harm to those who are arrogant and good fortune to those who are modest and the laws of people despise those who are arrogant and prefer those who are modest.

Confucius speaks of The Way of Great Humility which encourages us to be humble about our intelligence (don’t be a know-it-al

, about our achievements (don’t be a show-off), about our courage (don’t be brash) and about our wealth (don’t be smug).

In this lecture you will learn how to be successful in life. To achieve this you need to learn to win over people’s hearts which means acting according to the principles of virtue and humility.