Everyone Matters – Toowoomba, a Model City of Peace and Harmony

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This topic doesn’t sound fun and it goes against modern marketing but it is the basis of living a good, happy and healthy life. Yes, really! It’s about learning to live a balanced life with all things in moderation. It’s also about acknowledging the fact that indulgence in food, alcohol and some leisure pursuits are bad for our health.

The ancient Chinese texts, as presented by Professor Liu, provide examples and stories where tragedies befall people who indulge in wealth, sex, fame, pride, food, drink and play.

Laozi, the founder of Taoism, wanted to warn and enlighten the world that if one indulges one’s desires and covets sensual pleasures, tragedy will follow. I think we all know people who have suffered in this way.

The lecture covers indulgence in food, alcohol and leisure pursuits including sex, electronic games and an obsession with material objects. Ultimately indulging our desires leads to greed and in Lecture Six we learned why it is important to eliminate greed.