Everyone Matters – Toowoomba, a Model City of Peace and Harmony

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Who doesn’t want to be rich? The answer to that question depends on how wealth is obtained in the first place.

There are two ways to get rich. The first is by auspicious means - by hard work, following rules and integrity. The second is by improper means - through theft, fraud and other dishonest practices.

Professor Yuli Liu has studied the whole concept of wealth and found a lot of important information in TGPOAC.

She discovered that wealth obtained by improper means will eventually bring misfortune, unhappiness and it will also be lost in inauspicious ways.

However, wealth obtained by virtue and auspicious means will result in more wealth and happiness because ‘virtue is the root and wealth is the result’.

This lecture offers lots of examples and inspiring stories about how to become “wealthy” in a modern world.