Everyone Matters – Toowoomba, a Model City of Peace and Harmony

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Have you heard of the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui? How it uses energy to harmonize individuals with their environment – such as placing items in your house for good luck? Well, you might be surprised to know that is not the real Feng Shui! It’s a popular version that misses the point entirely.

This third lecture will change your life as it guides you in how to cultivate good fortune and avoid misfortune through Feng Shui.Professor Yuli Liu, uses various texts in TGPOAC to describe the real Feng Shui while dispelling the myths that have built up around it. She explains the fields of merit in our hearts that we should cultivate to bring us good fortune. These merits include gratitude, respect and mercy.

She also outlines five things that, according to Confucius, will bring misfortune upon us. Important lessons indeed!