About Us

The vision of the Multi-Faith Multicultural Centre is to foster world peace and harmony. Our mission is to help Toowoomba become a successful model of peace and harmony as an inspiration for the world. This project began in 2012. Hopefully, by 2019, Toowoomba will have become a model city of peace and harmony.

The project is divided into two stages. The initial stage is planned to run through 2012. The secondary stage is planned to last six years from 2013 through 2018.

The first or initial stage involves:

  • Creating and sustaining an environment that allows interaction and cooperation among religions and major community groups to build the atmosphere that all religions are one family.
  • Running workshops to facilitate interfaith and community dialogue to strengthen social cohesion, promote social trust through greater appreciation of diversity in faiths and beliefs across multicultural communities.
  • Establishing a Goodwill Committee.

The second stage involves:

  • Helping the Goodwill Committee promote the idea that every religion learn from the others to thoroughly understand the sacred texts and the belief that all religions are sacred as they all teach people to abandon evil and practice goodness, to awaken, and to transform from an ordinary person to a saint.
  • Establishing a Multi-Faith Multicultural Education Research Centre to nurture more teachers to help promote their own religion.
  • Holding a forum every three months for the religious teachers to share the learning and teachings with Toowoomba residents.
  • Establishing a Multi-Faith University, when a good number of qualified religious teachers are available from the Multi-Faith Multicultural Education Research Centre, to provide courses to religious institutions, local communities, and schools in the five elements of morality, virtue, causality, philosophy and science.
  • Helping qualified religious teachers from the Multi-Faith University and members of the Goodwill Committee hold activities and classes to encourage everyone in Toowoomba to fulfill the sacred learnings and teachings.
  • Setting up a satellite television station to broadcast the continuous learning way of life of people of Toowoomba  to people of the world when Toowoomba has become a model city of peace and harmony, and the high standards of achievement have been sustained for over a year.