How Different Faith Promotes Interfaith Peace in Their Community

A delegation from Toowoomba was invited to Taiwan on 3 July to present our experiences on "How Different Faith Promotes Interfaith Peace in Their Community."  The delegates were Venerable Wu Ping, Reverend Graham Warren, Reverend Heather Griffin, Sarwan Narayan, Syed Ghazely , Roberto Garcia, Meiling and Mr. Haniff.

Among the audience of 600 were delegates from Singapore, USA, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, South Africa and Taiwan. It was a great opportunity for our delegates to exchange experiences with other delegates as well as the opportunity to engage in networking. Exposure to an international forum most certainly broadens one's knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of interfaith dialogues. At the closing dinner, the organizers expressed their intention to make this an annual event in Taiwan and hoped to see Toowoomba participation again in the future.