A Visit to UNESCO Headquarters in Paris

In pursuit of our vision in helping to establish Toowoomba as a model city of peace and harmony, delegates comprised of members from the faith, media and education communities traveled to UNESCO headquarters in Paris to present a report on their efforts and progress to date toward achieving this vision. This presentation was part of the celebrations of Vesak Day, which is Buddha’s birthday.

The audience consisted of 400 ambassadors and international delegates. Our delegates, Andrew Weilandt, Belinda Sanders, Reverend Jonathan Inkpin, Kim Walmsley, Father Franco Fillepetto, Mark Creedon, Meiling Chow, Venerable Wu Ping and Muhammed Haniff, provided insight into their achievements in their respective field. Venerable Master Chin Kung, in his key note address, spoke on 'Six Prime Principles for Resolving Conflict and Promoting World Peace.'

Part of the objective of the trip was to convince the ambassadors to come visit Toowoomba, to see for themselves the work being done toward achieving the vision of a model city of peace and harmony. Although it was a long and tiring journey, the delegates passion, sacrifice and hard work in preparing their presentation deserves special mention. During an informal chat, a few ambassadors expressed an interest in visiting Toowoomba.