Registrations for the National Interfaith Conference 2018 is now open.  Complimentary accommodations can be provided to participants who would like to participate the 2 days conference and are not currently living in Toowoomba. Please indicate when you register, and a form will be emailed to you.

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We would like to invite you to our weekly Saturday Friendship Dinner. Please come and join us from 5:00 to 6:00 pm for a wonderful vegetarian dinner and engaging conversation.

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The Multi-Faith Multicultural Centre (MMC) of the Pure Land Learning College Association Inc. (PLLCA) is located in Toowoomba, QLD, Australia. It's goal is to help establish Toowoomba as a model city of peace and harmony. We wish to preserve and treasure the distinct features of each ethnicity and culture. With a mind that is loving, compassionate, and accepting, we can all mutually respect, accept, and harmoniously treat one another with impartiality.

When visitors comes to Toowoomba, they will be able to see people of different colors and ethnicities with their diverse traditions and cultures thriving here as one family. This will bring a real awakening to people of the world. This awakening is simply due to misunderstandings caused by a lack of proper communication and mutual understanding from the past. We were faced with tragedies of conflicts and even wars that seemingly took place as a result of different ethnicities, faiths, and customs.

With the ease of travel and rapid exchange of information, our world has become a village. If we continue to fall back on erroneous ideas, unwilling to let go of selfishness, narrow-mindedness, and reject others, then human beings are not worthy of the name of "crown of creation," and disasters, man-made or natural, will be unavoidable.

Cooperation between religions is the key to world peace. All religious texts teach people to learn the lessons from saints and sages, from God and Buddha, about universal love, broad mindedness, selflessness, the abandonment of evil and promotion of kindness, letting go of greed, spiritual betterment, and doing everything we can to help all beings attain happiness and end suffering.

The number of religious adherents around the world still surpass non-believers. If all religious adherents could abide by their own religious teachings while at the same time treating other religious adherents with equality, with harmony while mutually learning, and could cooperate with and help one another, then this strong force for peace and harmony would surely bring about world peace.

We deeply believe that religious teachings on causality, morality and ethics can change bad people into good people, pollution into purity, and delusion into enlightenment. This is the only way to resolve conflicts and alleviate man-made and natural disasters. If the followers of diverse faith traditions and religions can sincerely cooperate; observe the rules; cultivate themselves; practice the teachings and positively influence others; learn from one another; respect one another; love, care about, and cooperate with one another, the society and the world will be harmonious.

Under the guidance of Venerable Master Chin Kung AM, the PLLCA has supported many multicultural and multifaith activities for the past ten years. Lasting peace and harmony for all living beings is the hope that we share with everyone in this world. With the seemingly endless waves of man-made and natural disasters in recent years, we feel that it is our responsibility to do all we can to help the world to achieve peace and harmony.

When Toowoomba is successful in becoming a model city of peace and harmony, we will share our experiences with others. We hope to organize an annual get-together and demonstrate to the world our ideals, our experiences, our methods and also our achievements. We would like to welcome people from all over Australia, and from around the world, people who share the same vision to build peaceful and harmonious cities, to come here and see with their own eyes, and to help them gain practical insights and inspiration, thus helping them achieve piece and harmony where they live.

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